Demolition & Site Clearance

BD Groundworks provide a comprehensive demolition and site clearance service. We have extensive experience gained from many different kinds of projects and the members of our demolition team are fully trained and qualified in the aspects of the job they carry out.

Demolition and dismantling is often a complex activity and generally requires careful planning and implementation in order to ensure the safety of personnel involved in the project, the client, and any third parties present or close to the site.  A detailed risk assessment is always carried out before undertaking any demolition project.

We make health and safety our priority. All demolition projects require that we protect personnel and third parties from hazards such as falling from height; injury from falling materials; uncontrolled collapse of a structure; traffic hazards; hazardous materials; and many other potential risks. You can rest assured that BD Groundworks demotion services work to the highest standards and are fully compliant with all national and local authority regulations.

Site surveys

Detailed planning

Obtaining required certificates and permissions

Liaising with other contractors and third parties

Carrying out the demolition process

Site clearance and preparation

Disposal of hazardous waste

Today much of the debris created in a demolition project can be recycled. Not only does this benefit the environment, it also minimise the disposal costs. We pride ourselves that we maximise the amount of debris we recycle.

We always deliver on time and on budget. Please contact us for a competitive quote on your demolition project.