BD Groundworks have a strong background and extensive experience in undertaking drainage projects throughout the region. Whether your drainage requirements are large or small, you can be confident that our team will deliver a perfect solution on time and within budget.

We tackle many different kinds of drainage projects including drain surveys and investigation, drain cleaning and repairs. Typically, our services include:

Drain clearance using high pressure jetting

Drain cleansing

Planned drain maintenance solutions to help you protect your property from potentially expensive drainage problems

Drainage surveys using CCTV along with reports and drainage plans to establish to current condition of your drains

Drain mapping in preparation for building work

Sonar drain tracing to discover exactly what is happening below ground

Drain defect reports

Drain evaluation surveys for new home buyers

Pipe laying

Installation and repair of septic tanks

Drain repairs and replacement

Rainwater harvesting solutions

All other aspects of drainage and groundworks

Taking care of your drains

From time to time many people experience some kind of problem with their drains. In the UK most domestic drains are vitrified clay and 100 mm or 150 mm in diameter. Blockages can be caused by a range of factors; often they are the result of many years of poor maintenance. Attempting to dispose of items such as nappies and other items that drains are not designed for is likely to cause a blockage; grease and fat can build up over years and eventually block the drain; food leftovers and tea leaves can cause a blockage or exacerbate an existing problem.

Often these problems can be avoided by regular inspection, for instance just by lifting the manholes and checking that nothing is impeding the flow.  More extensive systems need more high tech investigations and maintenance. Whether you have a current problem or you wish to avoid one occurring in the future, contact our drainage team; we are there to help.