Fencing Tunbridge Wells

BD Groundworks provides a complete fencing service in Tunbridge Wells for any size of project ranging from domestic fencing through to extensive new build sites. Whether you want a new fence or repair and refurbishment of your existing fencing, you can rely on us to deliver the perfect solution.

Wooden Fencing

We will source and install any kind of wooden fence. Our experienced team is happy to design the ideal fencing solution for your property to suit your budget and complement your property. whatever kind of fencing you choose you can be assured that our fences are built to last and weather the storm when many other fences fail. We use only high quality materials that won’t rot prematurely and will keep their good looks.

Some of our more popular fencing choices include:

Panel fencing – this a low cost but highly effective fencing solution and consists of pre-manufactured fencing panels installed between fence posts. While typically the fence posts will be treated timber, though concrete posts are also available if you prefer.

Close board arris rail fencing – this is another traditional fencing solution that consists of fence posts connected with arris rails to which overlapping feather edged boards are attached. It provides a high degree of privacy and security. It also looks

Post and rail fencing – while this doesn’t provide the security or privacy of the other fencing types, it is an ideal choice for marking out your boundaries. It consists of fence posts that are connected by rails with two or three rails being typical. Many different designs are available.

Acoustic fencing – do you live by a busy road or do you have nosy neighbours? Perhaps you have both. In which case your ideal fencing solution might be acoustic fencing which is built to be as air-tight as possible and is usually around 1.5 metres high.

Security fencing – we have a range of security fencing solution both domestic and commercial. Please contact us with your requirements.

Gates – we provide a wide range of goth both traditional and modern, and we are happy to design one for you.

Please call BD Groundworks for all your fencing requirements.